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Family portrait

Ade Jaiye

Describe yourself in three adjectives. Past, Present, Future.

What is your next coveted item? I wrongfully desire nothing.

What is your most valuable inheritance? My name. It is my life path. It is my journey. It is who I am. 

What is inspiring and motivating you now? The Yinka-Jaiye legacy. 

Akin Jaiye

How would you describe yourself? Passionate, imaginative, perceptive, fearless, jaded. 

Are you reading anything at the moment? I'm currently reading the 007: Casino Royale and The Alchemist... both were gifts. I love books as gifts, says a lot about how someone thinks of you.

What was the hardest thing you ever had to do? Hardest thing I’ve ever had to do was accept that I won’t see some people ever again. Started with my father after his passing.

Family Portrait, a Private School editorial featuring Ikire Jones, John Wind, NINObrand and the art of Dina Wind.

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Models: Ade Jaiye + Akin Jaiye

Photographer: Brian Lauer

Art Director + Stylist: Bela Shehu

Clothing: Ikire Jones + NINObrand (+ personal items)

Jewelry: John Wind

Art: John Y. Wind + Dina Wind