Private School introduces, Belgium based artist and designer Ann Vincent.

 “This earthy set would make a gorgeous addition to any dinner table...if you can bear to burn them. “ - Wrap Magazine 2021 

“In a refined style, with organic lines and colors, these wax sculptures, each unique, reveal the irregularities specific to hand-crafted creations. Fragile passenger and moving buildings, their forms will evolve as they are used, each time adopting a completely new appearance.” - Milk Magazine 2020 

The multidisciplinary talented 26 year old artist Anne Vincent from Belgium has set the bar extremely high for the modernization of candles into beautiful home decor that you absolutely must get your hands on. 

 Vincent began this wax making journey back in 2019 when discovering leftover material after making waterfall and rock formations. This is when her first collection of candles began to unfold. 

Her unique approach in making these one of a kind pieces is best defined in an interview with Sight Unseen “ I’ve come to learn that everything you create automatically leads you to the next thing. For instance, when I’m making candles and there is wax all over the place, sometimes it starts dripping somewhere into these beautiful organic shapes or color combinations. These inspire me to create a new shape or a new object, or I use them to make compositions. I’m always on the lookout for those special accidents or leftovers. I try to save them all.” - Sight Unseen

This way of artistic endeavor is something that Private School has connected to most with this skillful artist. The experience, process and story that she delegates with these pieces is how an artist truly embraces their creativity and internal power from within. These works of art can be beautifully displayed as home decor on your dining room table, bedroom, and bathroom. When lit you can watch these candles unfold and  form into alluring shapes that can create its own body of work within its self. 

We are humbled to share this connection and partnership with Vincent, and cannot wait for you to be a part of this collective. These candles will be exclusively sold through Private School website. 


Photos by: Ann Vincent